NI 43-101 Technical Report Writing

Canada’s National Instrument NI 43-101 is a globally recognized standard for reporting on mining projects. It requires Qualified Persons (QPs) to sign off on the validity of a mining project. I have been involved with over 100 NI 43-101 technical reports ranging from Resource Estimates to Preliminary Economic Assessments to Feasibility Studies. I can assist with the writing of these technical reports or review existing material to ensure they are compliant with NI 43-101 Regulations.

QA/QC Program Development and Monitoring

A project is only as good as the data collected for its database. If this data is unorganized or unverifiable it will negatively affect your project. I can work with clients to ensure their database is in good order, that their protocols meet industry standards, and that the work you are doing is compliant with NI 43-101 regulations.

Property Evaluation

Every vendor thinks their property will be a mine and is worth a million dollars. There are several items that can be evaluated prior to purchasing a project, namely land tenure  (does the vendor actually own the property?) and the QA/QC (does it contain the mineralization the vendor claims?). Some countries, like Chile, have very tricky land ownership systems (the Cadastral system) and I can help you navigate them. There are also great projects that have other factors (i.e. – geopolitical, altitude, road access, availability of water) that could make a project unattractive to a client.

I have experience evaluating properties in Ontario and Quebec in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Guyana, and Argentina. Several years ago I did a property visit in Mexico, it looked small and our verification sampling yielded less gold than reported. It was a scam, but we were brought in too late. The company never listed on the TSX and folded up soon after the site visit.

Exploration Program Design and Support

Depending on your target and budget, I can help you design an appropriate exploration program and help you execute it. I have experience with geophysical and geochemical surveys, property mapping, and drill programs and I work closely with one of the best geophysical companies in the industry, Matrix Geotechnologies.

Community Relations

I come from a mining family and I believe in mining’s ability to be a positive force for change in the local communities around a mining project. I’d like to work with and help companies who share that belief.

I have been instrumental in dealing with local communities, presenting projects to local stakeholders, giving science talks to school children and providing technical guidance to local prospectors. In the picture above I brought used soccer uniforms and balls from the league my children play for in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, to the kids in the small town of Sifuentes in southern Peru. It’s difficult to share your company’s good intentions if you can’t communicate properly. I can help.